He had in fact, To be so difficult,

a strong suspect. conversation throws you off your pace.

her pretty face was just an act. To be so blunt,

it slaps you in the face.

She flits right past Is that appropriate?

without a glance, To season you with pain,

giving to him to strip you raw,

indifference. Like any man.

To have you anytime,

Is that appropriate? that she wants lunch.

Is that appropriate? To order up,

anything she wants.

She calculates, Then saves coins,

is that appropriate? in a chaste well.

She excite, Anticipation,

without a thought. put through hell.

The kind of lure,

that makes you want. Is that appropriate?

She demonstrates, Is that appropriate?

seduction pure.

That leaves you shocked, Is it appropriate,

and wanting more. To render to her rules.


Is that appropriate? is play just like a tool.

to challenge what you wills. Complex and clear,

To frustrate, is doable.

until you over spills. She keeps your head.

This kind of thing, She keeps her cool.

makes you spring forth.

When in reality, Is that appropriate?

she’s never really yours. Is that appropriate?








Copyright 1996

Peggy Penny